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In case you missed it, VMware recently announced spending $1.05 billion USD acquiring startup Nicira for their virtualization and software technology that enables software defined networks (SDN). Also last week Oracle was in the news getting its hands slapped by for making misleading advertisement performance claims vs. IBM. On the heals of VMware buying Nicira for software defined networking (SDN) or what is also known as IO virtualization (IOV) and virtualized networking, Oracle is now claiming their own SDN capabilities with their announcement of intent to acquire Xsigo. Founded in 2004, Xsigo has a hardware platform combined with software to enable attachment of servers to different Fibre Channel (SAN) and Ethernet based (LAN) networks with their version of IOV. Now its Oracle who has announced that it will be acquiring IO, networking, virtualization hardware an... (more)

Beware of Vendor Lock-in Moving From Hardware to Software

I'm always interested when I hear or read a software vendor or their value added reseller (VAR) or business partner claim that their solution eliminates vendor lock-in. More often than not, I end up being amazed if not amused over the claims which usually should be rephrased as eliminating hardware vendor lock-in. What is also amazing or amusing is that while some vendors make claims of eliminating (hardware) vendor lock-in, there is also some misdirection taking place. While some solutions may be architected to cut hardware vendor lock-in, how they are sold or packaged can force certain vendors technology into your solution. For example, the EMC Centera software in theory and architecture is hardware vendor independent, however it is sold as a solution (hardware and software), similar to how Dell sells the DX which uses software from Caringo and you guessed right... (more)

Enterprise Cloud Computing: Mumbai – November 18 – 19, 2013

Enterprise Cloud Computing: Mumbai – November 18 – 19, 2013 Monday November 18, 2013-Tuesday November 19, 2013 Mumbai India Venue TBD Price: Rs31,900.00 (including $6000 early discount) [converted to 570.00 USD]   Offered in partnership with C C & C Solutions We offer additional discounts for groups of three or more people, government or non-profit employees, people who’ve taken a ZapThink class before, or individuals who are paying out of their own pocket. Please email us at info@zapthink.com for a discount code you can use when registering. ZapThink Enterprise Enterprise Cloud Computing Course: The Leading Vendor Independent, Architecture-Focused Cloud Training The Enterprise Cloud Computing course an intensive, two day “fire hose” of information that prepares you to leverage the Cloud to achieve real business value. We cut through the hype and separate what really wor... (more)

Measuring the Savings of Data Deduplication

Storage management and disaster recovery software maker, Acronis, has unveiled a new online calculator that measures the potential cost savings of applying its data deduplication technology. The deduplication calculator works by prompting users for the number of servers and workstations being backed up, the data change rate, and the cost of data storage and then using that information to estimate the storage space savings, the storage cost savings, and the percentage of savings through deduplication. According to Acronis, a company with 10 servers and 2 TB of data that changes 5% daily and is kept for four weeks would saving about US$20,000 annually if the Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 solution was applied. However, the software licenses for the solution would amount to US$17,000 for that particular IT environment, so the net savings is actually US$3,000 per year. A... (more)

Cloudera Announces Beta Release of Cloudera Desktop

Cloud Computing on Ulitzer Cloudera, the commercial Hadoop company, has announced the release of Cloudera Desktop, a unified graphical user interface for Hadoop applications. The initial release of Cloudera Desktop includes tools for job and cluster management. Cloudera Desktop makes Hadoop easier to use and manage. Business analysts, developers and administrators can use the Cloudera Desktop user interface to create and submit jobs, to monitor cluster health and to browse the data stored on a Hadoop cluster. Experienced users can choose between the command-line tools provided by the open source project or the Cloudera Desktop GUI. "Apache Hadoop is an enormously powerful data storage and processing platform," said Jeff Hammerbacher, VP, Products at Cloudera. "We see lots of sophisticated applications running in production already. However, customers tell us that... (more)

SCM Microsystems Japan Addresses IT Security

Cloud Computing Journal SCM Microsystems Japan, Inc., a subsidiary of SCM Microsystems, Inc., and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), announced that they are expanding their cooperative relationship to address important challenges in the Japanese IT security market. Together with Digital Media Research Institute, Inc., SCM Microsystems Japan and DNP are launching a new solution that keeps important digital data safe using cloud computing technologies. The solution is a high-security data storage system developed by DNP, which consists of DNP's TranC'ert DNA software, a SIM card and SCM Microsystems' @MAXX lite secure smart card reader. Digital Media Research Institute, Inc. is providing sales and consulting services for the implementation of the new system. DNP's TranC'ert DNA software splits up and encrypts sensitive or confidential data, and stores it on three... (more)

Clean Energy Economy Inescapable with the US Government’s IT Department Leading the Change

At Green Rack Systems we have been saying for a long time how this emphatic shift towards clean energy is inescapable. A November study by AFCOM finds that "greening of the data center is no longer just a concept - it is actually taking place", and on a large scale, with 71.3% of all survey respondents indicating that they are actively engaged in Greening. Now, thanks to Executive Order 13514 requiring rigid energy efficiency targets, even Federal agencies have to follow what they preach by taking the lead on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Further, they will have to divert 50% of their waste by 2015 and arrive at a net-zero energy building requirements by 2030 for all of its 500,000 buildings. This will be made possible by key changes made in their massive IT departments, servers and data centers. The laudable target of net-zero for their buildings wou... (more)

Don’t Let Your Storage Array Control You

IT Dog getting down and dirty today because that’s what it is going to take to deal with the dirty world of “vendor lock-in.”  There is really no way to dress this up and make it smell nice because it just stinks and although I would roll in something this nasty down at the dog park, I wouldn’t want you to have to live with the smell. I read an excellent article by Chris Mellor at The Register discussing the need to develop a standard for the server flash-storage array interface and it really got me thinking about the vendor lock in issue. “What is EMC up to with Project Lightning?” We all are kind of waiting to find that out now aren’t we?  EMC announced Project Lightning as their foray into the server side flash business, putting it sites on the nice people at FusionI/O, STEC and others.  I am wagging my tail to see EMC recogn... (more)

Storage and IO Metrics That Matter

It is great to see more conversations and coverage around storage metrics that matter beyond simply focusing on cost per GByte or TByte (e.g. space capacity). Likewise, it is also good to see conversations expanding beyond data footprint reduction (DFR) from a space capacity savings or reduction ratio to also address data movement and transfer rates. Also good to see is increase in discussion around input/output operations per section (IOPs) tying into conversations from virtualization, VDI, cloud to Sold State Devices (SSD). Other storage and IO metrics that matter include latency or response time, which is how fast work is done, or time spent. Latency also ties to IOPS in that as more work arrives to be done (IOPS) of various size, random or sequential, reads or writes, queue depths are an indicator of how well work is flowing. Another storage and IO metric that ... (more)

Cloud-Based Collaboration Services in Asia-Pacific Gov

Government agencies are reportedly one of the primary benefactors of managed cloud services. According to the results from a recent market study by IDC, IT decision-makers across the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) found that 59 percent of public sector respondents are confident in the ability of their internal IT departments to deploy private cloud environments. However, IDC Government Insights cautions that high levels of private cloud adoption may not bode well for a collaborative and citizen-engaging government and preemptive measures should be taken for collaboration to take place across organizational boundaries. More insights can be found in the IDC report entitled, "Cloud Computing for Government: a View from Asia-Pacific." Frank Levering, Research Manager for IDC said, "An efficient and productive internal IT department is definitely a good to have in any... (more)

GridGain Gives Customers Even Bigger Opportunities from Big Data

As increasing numbers of industry leading companies look to new technologies to speed their real-time services and Big Data applications, GridGain Systems, leading developer of scalable, distributed in-memory compute and data grid technologies for real-time data processing, is strongly positioned to serve the demand. This week, GridGain announced the release of an entirely new suite of solution-focused products built around the company’s leading in-memory and world’s fastest MapReduce technologies, expanded enterprise consulting and other professional services, advanced DevOps management and monitoring capabilities now available with all products, and out-of-box integration with virtually any existing data source, Hadoop-based systems, and Java, C++, .NET, Android and iOS applications. Specifically related to GridGain’s new products, the company now offers three w... (more)